2024-06-24 11:34:00 Jinghong

The Kinds Of Plain Washer

Plain Washer is a fastener fitting, which is usually used with screws or nuts, to disperse rotating force, protect the surface of the connector, reduce pressure, and enhance the connection strength of the fastener. The commonly used materials of flat MATS include steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloy and plastic, etc., which are widely used in furniture, machinery, automobiles, construction and other fields. According to its different shape, material, characteristics, etc., flat pad can be divided into the following types:
1. Regular flat pad: This flat pad is the most commonly used, it is usually made of high-strength metal, and the shape is round, but there are other shapes. The conventional flat pad is mainly to protect the thread, so that the bearing capacity of the thread can be improved, and the phenomenon of loosening the thread is avoided because of loose.
2. Elastic flat pad: This flat pad is the deformation product of steel spring, it has a certain degree of elasticity, and can automatically adjust when it is subjected to external force, providing better support and protection for the stable connection of screws and nuts.
3. Elbow flat pad: one end of this flat pad is straight, but the other end is curved, mainly used in the application where the screw needs to be inserted in one direction to face the other right Angle, which can improve the support force and increase the stability of the suspension connection.
4. Heavy duty flat pad: This flat pad is mainly used for the connection of high requirements of fasteners, such as machines, manufacturing tools, etc., its thickness is thick, has strong support function, can disperse the connection, reduce the pressure of the connection point, prevent thread loosening, but also can eliminate vibration.
In short, the flat pad is a common fastener accessory, which makes up for the spherical mismatch between the screw and the nut, disperses the pressure, and protects the surface of the connector. According to its different shapes, materials, characteristics, etc., it can provide better support and protection for fastener connections in different fields.