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JINGHONG Hot Sale Plastic Nylon 66 Zip Ties Self-locking Flexible Cable Ties/Plastic Cable Ties

Model Number:Plastic Cable Ties Standard: DINISOGB Material...
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Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel DIN6885 Flat Parallel Keys Type A

Flat key is a key that relies on two sides as the working f...
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DIN82103 304 Stainless Steel Bow Shackle And D-Type Shackle

Bow shackles are a type of connection used for lifting and ...
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304 Stainless steel German style hose clamp

The German style hose clamp is a fastener used for connecti...
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High Pressure Pipe Plug Outer Square Plug Outer Four Corners Oil Plug Solid Blue White Zinc

Plug is a kind of mechanical fastener, the role is sealing....
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Nickel Plated Plastic Knob Thumb Screw

In order to solve the product matching, more convenient adj...
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